Saturday, May 17, 2014

GOP Candidate Deceiving Values Voters

He says he's pro-life, but this candidate for the United States Senate is apparently playing both sides of the fence when it comes to issues that are important to Values Voters.

(Western Journalism) Ever wonder why so-called pro-life, pro-family candidates never lift a finger for family values once they get to Washington? Maybe if the pro-family community did a better job of vetting their pro-family candidates, this wouldn’t happen.

This weekend, Alaska’s Lt Governor Mead Treadwell (right in photo above) is in Washington DC seeking the support of the pro-family movement for his campaign to become Alaska’s new US Senator. I doubt he will tell the gathered conservative leaders what some simple research exposed about his true core beliefs.

Mead is like many GOP candidates who in every election cycle tout so-called “Family Values” while campaigning to win Republican primaries; but for them, it is an exercise of guile and deceit.

Treadwell is running for the Republican nomination in Alaska as a pro-life, traditional values kind of guy. The only problem is, as it turns out, he’s been working for the other side too.

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