Sunday, May 18, 2014

Don't Let Karl Rove Tell You Who To Support. Take The ACN GOP Presidential Poll

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Don't Let The Media And GOP Elites Choose Your Next Presidential Nominee...

The elites are already trying to tell you who you should support. They're putting out phony polls and carefully placing stories in the news that are designed to predispose you to support their hand-picked candidates. The establishment is determined to snub patriotic Americans like you and hand the nomination to some washed-up beltway insider... and we're not going to let them get away with it.

Please take our GOP Presidential Straw Poll right now. ... And when we're done we're going to release the results to the media and change the dialogue... we're going to tell THEM who YOU support... and give people, like you, a voice.


  1. The results of Obama's actions prove his incompetence and his total lack of presidential timber.

  2. The president is not incompetent. When he was running for president he openly told everyone what he planned to do. To quote him "I am going to "fundamentally" change the United States of America". All of the "sheep" filed to the poles and granted him the ability to do so. I was not one of them. Welcome to the new United States of America!!

  3. I need to add one more thing. Remember "Joe the Plummer"? He new.

  4. And if you think Obama is bad go to UTUBE and watch: Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned from Theaters Full Movie.

  5. Your presidential poll should also Include Ben Carson & Mike Huckaby.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche