Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birther Recants Under Pressure From Obamabots?

In previous days, it was reported that a former reporter from Breitbart was allegedly fired after his research indicated that many "birther" claims were true. Then, the left-wing attack dogs started going after him and it appears he may be backing down...

(Birther Report) Tuesday, the blog Little Green Footballs published a hit-piece ridiculing Johnson for his purported claims:

"Former Breitbart Blogger Goes Birther, Tells Orly Taitz Breitbart Is Covering Up the Truth Gotta love it when wingnuts squabble - By Charles Johnson - Little Green Footballs(LGF)"

"Meanwhile, in the lunatic right wing Birther community (and yes, it’s a community, and not a small one), a war is breaking out, as crackpot "journalist" Charles C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) visits Birther queen bee Orly Taitz and reportedly reveals a bit of BOMBSHELL BREAKING NEWS: Journalist Claims Breitbart Ignored Obama Eligibility Evidence Out of Fear of Government."

"As a connoisseur of right wing idiocy, it pleases me enormously to see the Birther kooks attacking the Breitbrat kooks. It’s a kook battle! And this also shreds whatever credibility Charles C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) may have had; the guy is a Birther. End of story."

On the same day Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnson and Obot Jack Ryan took to Charles C Johnson's Twitter profile inquiring about the Breitbart claims...

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  1. Whenever you disagree with the loony left their distemper starts to show.
    You can never have an honest discussion with them at all.
    Facts do not matter to them. It is what THEY say it is and that is the end of it.

  2. A crazy teatard finally comes clean.
    The Obama birth certificate was "put to bed" long ago.
    It was a lie when it was first mentioned, it is a lie today, and it will be a lie tomorrow.

    1. Anon --give us poor unwashed a clear & factual account of you personally seeing & holding ? - his B.C.; please. NOT a copy seen on a fax document. Not a picture of a faxed document , but the actual B.C. ---failing that, you must be honest and say "I choose to believe what BHO and his handlers tell us/show us". Therefore you have NOT seen the actual document ---nor have any I'm aware of. Correct ?

    2. Ano,,,,presumably you are willing to support 0bum's promise of transparency. Only about 100,000,000 Americans saw/heard him promise that.
      THAT includes rescinding his 1st official act of an Exec Order to HIDE all of his records.
      Now, you are for transparency as promised, eh?
      Let us all here see you agreement.

    3. Enlighten us. When was this "put to bed?" Why is 0bama the first President to not only have every scintilla of personal information about himself completely sealed, but has spent millions of dollars and a team of lawyers to defend. Just WHAT is he hiding?!

  3. the idiotic remark made by the person --quote put to bed long ago-- where did you get your info. from the commode and you voted for the neophyte , Neanderthal right.

  4. The birth certificate, while probably false, is the one Obama goes with. The Constitution requires both parents to be citizens of the US. Clearly Obama's father is not a citizen on the birth certificate. Therefore on that basis, he does not meet the constitutional requirement to be President.

  5. I do think this is one of the most poorly written stories I've read - and many blog journalists these days are NOT good writers - but PLEASE!!!! Who said what and when and why should be your first effort in reporting, if you are suggesting to me that I must read some preface to this article in order to understand then I'm not interested in your writing.
    There was a day when writers took pride in correct story telling!

  6. Yes, still Obama-the-Kenyan is our (almost and invisible) POTUS.

  7. Liberals, who seem addicted to name-calling, such as "Teatards," can't hold an intelligent conversation. Therefore, they try to call those with whom they disagree silly names in an effort to obfuscate the issue. We have a perfect example with the second "Anonymous" above. However, that contribution adds nothing to the subject. I do not believe Barrack HusseinObama is or ever was a citizen of the US. He was born in Kenya, a British subject, and became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption by his mother's second husband. His first book, "Dreams from my Father" (Which is odd because he had little contact with Mr. Obama, Sr. who deserted him and his mother,) was publicized as having been written by a Kenyan, referring to Barrack Hussein Obama. Facts are facts. Michelle Obama knows since she, herself, referred to her husband's "Home country, Kenya."

    Was it Goebbels who said that if one repeats a lie often enough it will be believed? Hitler's Minister of Propaganda would be proud to see that many believe the Muslim's propanganda.

    That however, doesn't change the fact that he is an usurper.

  8. No one seems to mention what Joel Gilbert shows in photos... that adult BHO looks just like his childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis (lifelong communist). And the fetish and nude photos of a young 20s woman that Davis sold in the early 1960s are almost certainly of Anne Dunham (BHO mother) shot in Davis' own house. BHO was born in Hawaii ... it's who his communist birth father was that is the dangerous secret.

  9. Notice the techniques of the Left whenever there are issues raised which upset them--e.g. Obama's beyond obvious forged "birth certificate", which he somehow found after nearly 3 yrs. of criticism.
    Count the insults and childish name-calling--e.g. "wingnut", "lunacy", "idiocy", etc., etc.
    This attack and ridicule style is right out of the Alinsky playbook--when the facts are against you, attack those with the temerity to point them out. Notice that NOWHERE in this totally unhinged post does the writer make any attempt to address any of the facts about Obama's fraud(s).
    Pathetic and very telling.

  10. Proud and UN-repentant birther here...
    I remember when I was scoffed at for suggesting that the illegal b@$t@rd spawn-of-whomever was a muslim...the events of this week have definitely put those arguments to bed...the illegal dogeater has proven, proudly and conclusively what the majority of Real Americans suspected long ago...By releasing six jihadis back into American-killing circulation he is standing by his statement... "I will stand with the muslims should the political tide turn in an ugly direction"...what a shame he couldn't be as loyal to America as he is to islam....
    ...and who the hell would give a rat's a$$ what the brain-dead morons at "tiny little green testicles" has to say??

  11. Proud, Unrepentant and Correct birther here...
    In EVERY single eligibility case that has been brought before (a) corrupt, democrat-activist/obama appointed judges or (b) scared, cowardly, corrupt pu$$y judges...not ONE of those so-called "judges" has said that he/she KNOWS OF AND HAS SEEN CONCLUSIVE PROOF OF HUSSEIN'S ELIGIBILITY...not one!
    In almost every case the "judge" has thrown the case out on a technicality - most often "the plaintiff has no standing to bring the complaint"...several of the so-called judges have even said that there are many problems with hussein's eligibility...but...(they are too chickesh*t to do anything about it!!)
    Only brain-dead obama slaves and anti-American racist/bigots still believe hussein is even an American....and after the events of this week NO sane, rational American can still believe hussein is NOT a muslim.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche