Monday, April 14, 2014

Wage Earners Who Were Paid Over 100K Pay 72% Of All Income Taxes

If you engage in class envy, read the headline very carefully and understand that it's not the mega-rich who are paying the lion's share of income taxes in this nation but "wage-earners" who earn more than 100,000 dollars per year.

Forget what you may believe about what the "rich" and the "poor" pay. The problem is that folks in the "middle" are the ones being squeezed by our out-of-control federal government.

(CNSNews) Taxpayers earning $100,000 or more a year pay 71.6% of the nation’s share in taxes, according to the latest data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from 2011.

In 2011, according to the IRS, there were 145,370,240 tax returns filed. Among those returns, 125,914,418 or 86.6%, belonged to taxpayers earning a salary less than $100,000. The remaining 19,455,822 returns belonged to those taxpayers earning more than $100,000, or 13.4% of the total.

While those top earners, earning six figures or more, represented only 13.4% of the total number of returns reported to the IRS, they contributed nearly three-fourths of the total amount of tax revenue reported for that year.

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  1. Wage earners who make over $100K should pay 70+% of the taxes, as they make close to 70% of the total income.
    Actually, those who make over $2 million should pay even more.
    We need a progressive tax structure with a top rate (for those making more than $10 million) of 90%. Also, all "classification" of income should be eliminated. All dollars should be treated the same. As to the tax cheats who have funds stashed off shore, every effort should be made to identify both the people and the off shore funds. They should be charged and additional 50% penalty for hiding the money off shore.

    1. 90% tax rate? Sure, Hitler.... Why don't you just make it 100% and have everyone making over $10 million be a slave with every penny seized by the government? Why stop at 90%?

      There's no reason why the government should need more than 20% of anyone's money if we're to live in a free society. And there's also no reason why so few people should be paying all of the taxes with many paying nothing at all. Even the poorest people should at least pay something even if it's just $5. This country is totally doomed...this has already happened with the collapse of the Roman Empire. Once there are more beneficiaries than there are taxpayers and a sizable chunk of the population that contributes little or nothing in terms of economic production decides that they can vote themselves government entitlements, game over.

  2. So people who are the wage earners should pay all the taxes for you lazy people who live off the welfare and giveaway programs. Yeah right.

  3. It ii amazing what continuous false information will accomplish in finding immoral echos for unconstitutional events from 1913 supported by court decisions declaring wages to be income covered by IRS authority to collect taxes thereon. Then as now the sixteenth amendment was accepted as a means to tax rich investors with real income from their investments while excusing those with less than $700 wages if ever included in the scheme. The buying power of that $700 in 1913 is equivalent to $210,000. today. Is it clear yet why the federal reserve act was passed in the same year to begin the devaluation of the dollar to accompany increasing taxes for the expanding bloated government?
    If you still insist on paying for more abuse of public office, please refrain from condemning others for their patriotic cause contrary to any support of the long standing tax abuse initiated a hundred years ago. The conspiracy wed to expanding over reach will continue to be detested and contested by patriots until it is repealed permitting states to collect and relay true income tax to a diminished number of fat cats in DC.
    Investors ride the coattails of the super rich with well paid lobby representation in DC to invest in campaign support for those that provide yet greater means of legislation to further enhance their investments. The only sweat equity required of wage earners accepting a wage as an equal trade for services provided connected to investors is their voluntary entertainment workouts at a gym. Neither is it now nor have wages ever been income other than by corrupt judicial definition
    to enslave a working class and provide more money for salivating parasites of the same ilk.
    International Union support of candidates up for reelection has been exposed as yet another parasite trying to ride the same donkey since the disappearance of a union leader following pension fund loans to mafia figures to build the first casino in Las Vegas. From the surviving corrupt influence therein was born both the present leader of the US senate and top dogs in the cabinet of the executive branch. Now they just run roughshod over all that observe while blaming the other party knowing TV media will fan the embers they create without an mention of patriotism or treason. You can make your own estimate as to how many judges needing psychiatric care are spread amid the growing number of lawyer parasites required to continually scrub their providers for judicial cure. Can you smell it yet?


Posted By: Chris Carmouche