Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This Conservative Publisher Just Gave Big Money To This RINO Republican

It's a hit piece from Politico, but main topic is indisputable. This CEO of the "conservative publication" just donated five-figures to this well-known RINO.

(Politico) Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy made a five-figure contribution to Rep. Eric Cantor's reelection campaign earlier this year, the latest political donation from the head of an increasingly influential conservative media outlet.

Ruddy gave $10,000 to the Cantor Victory Fund in March, according to Federal Election Commission filings. That follows several sizeable donations to Republican candidates and committees in 2013, including $32,400 to the Republican National Committee in December.

"Chris thinks very highly of Eric Cantor. He is an energetic and forward thinking member of the House leadership who has done a good job," Ken Chandler, the executive editor of Newsmax, said in a statement. "Eric’s positive vision will help the party grow in the years to come."

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