Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Paul Ryan Proposes U.S. Declare Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Okay, the headline above may be a bit out of line but until details are released we can only view Ryan's proposal to curtail out-of-control government spending by 5.1 Trillion over the next 10 years with a grain of salt.

It's sad, like the Democrats, Ryan is calling the proposed decrease in the rate at which the government spends us into oblivion a "cut," and we can only wonder what portion of those "cuts" will occur immediately and which portion will be allocated for future years... meaning that they will never happen.

What we wouldn't give for the good old days when Democrats proposed phantom "cuts" and Republicans asked for balanced budgets, but it would appear that those days are long gone.

Seriously though, can you imagine what would happen if you walked into a bankruptcy court and proposed a plan to become "solvent" again by promising to curtail your spending by an amount that would not actually make you solvent and promising to institute those cuts a couple of years down the road?

But in fairness, there are some gems in the rough. Ryan is claiming that a large portion of the "cuts" would be realized through the eradication of ObamaCare and Ryan is also proposing a simplification of the tax code.

Still, the "cuts" Ryan is proposing aren't good enough for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who called them "Kochtopia" in reference to the billionaire Koch Brothers.

We're not quite sure what reigning in out-of-control spending has to do with the Koch brothers but if you haven't bothered to propose a budget (which Reid has once again failed to do) vague references to "boogie-men," is probably your only recourse.

The Daily Caller reports: "Rep. Paul Ryan on Tuesday announced a new budget plan that would cut $5.1 trillion and balance the budget over the next decade, in part by repealing ObamaCare."

"The budget proposal, dubbed The Path to Prosperity, is Ryan’s last budget as the outgoing chairman of the House Budget Committee.

"'This is a plan to balance the budget and create jobs, and it builds off a simple fact: We can’t keep spending money we don’t have,' Ryan said in a statement."

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  1. Ryan is still the village idiot that is in over his head.
    His proposal is DOA as soon as it goes through the senate door.

    I hope he pushes it loud and long. He is pushing a budget that will hurt everyone but the rich.

  2. He's actually quite bright and articulate. His flaw is that he's a progressive and thinks the U.S. can support this indefinitely with deficit financing and higher taxes.

  3. Think about this, do you really think that our country can go on spending what we don't have, that's democrat thinking! I know what happens when a family can no longer support their spending! They file bankruptcy, right? How ELSE will our country survive?

  4. Why not? But ending the nanny-state and the backscratching (crony-capitalism) has to be part of the process. Maybe term limits and ending political contributions should be thrown in the mix.

    1. ..and the currency speculating that made George Soros rich must be ended.

  5. Kicking the can down the road again is not the answer.....
    Fiscal Conservatism NOW, is the answer.....
    Stop raising he Debt Limit.. If we do not raise the debt limit then we have automatically cut spending for the government must only spend what is coming in by taxes..... Wake up, a set debt limit is a forced budget.... Think about your own home budget -- if you are up against your debt limit and no one will give you any more credit -- you can only spend what you make and bring home.....
    Now Bankruptcy is another animal... Think about this....
    Under our Federal Reserve System all of our debt is created in the name of the Federal Reserve itself..... If we default and do not support the debt of the Federal Reserve then the Federal Reserve must support it own debt.... because the Federal Reserve is a 'for profit closed secret Corporation'. Yes, the Federal Reserve is not any part of our Federal Government, any more than Federal Express is part of the Federal Government.... We the Government of the United States have a contract with the Federal Reserve System that gives them the authority to regulate and create our money as they see fit.... And if they go bankrupt for any reason it is THEIR BANKRUPTCY AND IT IS THE OWNERS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE CORPORATION WHO ARE ON THE HOOK FOR THE DEBT..... Unless they can conn 'we the people into thinking it is our debt'. Every Note, every Bond is in the name of the Federal Reserve and as profits are made that money goes to the owners of the Federal Reserve Corporation, not to 'WE THE PEOPLE'.....
    Wake up America, this scam was put in place by Senator Nelson Aldrich, Democrat of Rhode Island way back in 1912, and it has been screwing the Nation economically ever since.
    You might recognize the name if I jog you mind.... Think Nelson A. Rockefeller, yes the Oil folks, they were and still are one of the founders of the Federal Reserve System. This was a Rothschild scheme and it has been in place for over 100 years....
    Get the book by Griffin 'The Creature from Jeckyl Island' and see what is in our monetary history.....


Posted By: Chris Carmouche