Sunday, April 6, 2014

Obama Using Sanctions To Punish Pro-Life Leaders In Russia?

The official line is that the Obama Regime has imposed sanctions on a number of individuals in Russia to protest Vladimir Putin's occupation of Crimea, but is it possible that the sanctions are also intended to punish Russian pro-life leaders at the behest of the radical left?

(WND) A Russian lawmaker known for her outspoken support for traditional marriage and the unborn is among the officials listed in new U.S. sanctions against individuals for their alleged contribution to Russia’s unlawful grab of Ukrainian territory.

Weeks ago, President Obama announced sanctions aimed at several individuals for their alleged roles in facilitating Russia’s actions. But Yelena Mizulina’s seems out of place on the list. Mizulina is chairwoman of the Russian Duma’s Committee on Family, Women and Children’s Affairs.

"Yelena Mizulina, as far as I know, has nothing to do with the controversy over the Crimea. She did sponsor a bill to make it easier for residents of the Crimea to have Russian citizenship. That was before the Crimea was incorporated into Russia. Other than that, (she had) absolutely nothing to do with the Crimea,” said Don Feder, communications director for the World Congress of Families, which promotes traditional values around the globe.

"This is payback. This is payback for Russian restrictions on abortion. It’s payback for the child protection law. It’s payback for all the pro-family initiatives that the Russian people have undertaken in the last few years," he said.

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  1. The world is truly turned upside down when a citizen of the United States feels that a member of the Russian Duma has more in common with her than the President of the United States. .
    Is there nothing that the Muslim in the White House will not do to damage our country?


Posted By: Chris Carmouche