Sunday, April 27, 2014

Obama Preparing For Massive Central Asia Military Invasion?

Actually, we doubt it, but as Vladimir Putin prepares to invade the Ukraine, the European media is putting out a story that Barack Obama is about to launch a massive military land assault that allegedly has Russia and China fearing that Armageddon is at hand.

(European Union Times) A grim Federal Security Services (FSB) report on Prime Minister Putin’s plan to meet China’s leader Hu Jintao in Beijing next week warns that both Russian and Chinese military forces are being placed on their 'highest alert' in anticipation of a massive land invasion believed being planned by the United States of both the Middle East and Central Asia.

The plans for this "Total Global War" the Americans are preparing to launch were first revealed to China's Ministry of State Security (MSS) by the former Blackwater mercenary Bryan Underwood who is currently being held by US authorities for spying and which we reported on in our 4 October report titled "China Warns Russia Of Coming American 'Great Event.'"

Within hours of Putin’s reading of the coming US plans for Total Global War, this report says, he wrote a rare article in the Izvestia daily outlining a grand project to integrate post-Soviet states into closer cooperation, scheduled an emergency trip to China to meet with Hu, and ordered the FSB to notify China’s MSS of the arrest and detention of their spy Tun Sheniyun who was captured last year for attempting to steal sensitive information on Russia’s most powerful anti-aircraft system.

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  1. If Obama starts a war after he has depleted the US military it will be for the sole purpose of declaring Marshall Law via his war powers act, and his intent to remain in office past 2016


Posted By: Chris Carmouche