Wednesday, April 16, 2014

IRS Demands Ron Paul's Donor List

If an IRS agent were assigned to every polling place in the nation and allowed to note who you voted for, would you come to the conclusion that you were living under tyranny? ...

(Washington Examiner) Ron Paul's nonprofit Campaign for Liberty will fight the Internal Revenue Service's demand that it reveal its donor list to the agency, despite having already been fined for refusing to do so.

"There is no legitimate reason for the IRS to know who donates to Campaign for Liberty," Megan Stiles, the communications director at Campaign for Liberty, told the Washington Examiner in an email on Tuesday. "We believe the First Amendment is on our side as evidenced by cases such as NAACP v. Alabama and International Union UAW v. National Right to Work.

Many 501(c)(4) organizations protect the privacy of their donors in the very same way as Campaign for Liberty. For some reason the IRS has now chosen to single out Campaign for Liberty for special attention. We plan to fight this all the way."

Ron Paul suggested that the group will refuse to pay the IRS fine in an fundraising email to supporters about the agency's request for information.

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  1. Looks like the IRS is finally doing its job.

    NO tax exempt organization that is tax exempt should in any way touch anything political.

    The IRS should audit every tax exempt organization for political activity, including religious organizations.

  2. The only reason the IRS wants those names is so they can harrass them, as they have harrassed tax exempt organizastions in the past. I suggest that it would be far more interesting and produce more dirt, to audit the IRS istelf.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche