Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dems Vote To Impose Sharia Law

We'd love to say it ain't so, but it is...

(Western Journalism) Anyone who isn’t certain that Democrats are devoted to destroying America need only take a look at their despicable conduct in the Florida Senate. In a vote that never should have had to be taken, every single Democrat voted to force Sharia Law on the people of Florida.

By doing so, they placed women and children in very real danger. The vote was 24 votes for America and 14 votes for al Qaeda and the Taliban cast by loathsome Democrats. They voted to deny Americans the Constitutional protections generations of American men and women fought for and died to protect. Democrats have revealed their desire to force Americans to live as slaves to a third world, foreign “justice system.”

Since the liars in the Democrat–controlled media won’t describe what these quislings have tried to force on Americans, here is an outline of the horrors of Sharia Law. There would be no freedom of religion because Sharia supports only Islam.

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  1. Why am I not suprised regardin g the Democrat Party wanting to impose Sharia Law on all of us. They hate America, they hate the Christain Principals this contry was founded on, not just a cetain denomination, but Chirstan Prioncipals as a whole.I can never, evr again support any of the two faced lying Democrats, and I was one for almost 40 years. I grew up in a Democrat family. A strong Democrat family. But the Democrats I grew up with are gone

  2. Most Republicans are Rinos, all Democrats are Dinos and the few Conservatives we have most of them Cinos. President is a Pino and what ever else, a long list, including treason.

  3. Please quit feeding the elephant E-xlax. The crap is getting deep.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche