Wednesday, March 26, 2014

[Video] Watch Hobby Lobby Attorney Takes MSNBC Host To School

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell tried to accuse Hobby Lobby of infringing upon the liberty of their female employees to exercise "medical decisions." Watch Hobby Lobby attorney Mark Rienzi set her straight.


  1. Rambling Andrea Mitchell made no sense at all. She was only making a speech.

  2. If you want an abortion, pay for it yourself- or, your husband, or boyfriend, or family! Why should your BOSS pay for it?!!! Same thing for ANY contraceptives!!! That is YOUR responsibility- NOT your bosses, NOT mine... YOURS! PERIOD!!!!

    1. This is not about abortion. That is forbidden under the Hyde amendment.

      This is about contraception. It is none of the employers business. Neither is the employee's choice to have an abortion.

      As Abortion is a medical procedure, it should be covered as any other medical procedure.

  3. One more intrusion into personal medical decisions by the Nanny State of America. I would like all of you to pay for my asthma medications. I want them free, free, free and delivered to my front door. They are only about $2300 per year. When are they going to have the pill for males??!! Of course, we guys can picket the Supreme Court for free pills on that one, got the signs already made up! Andrea Mitchell, GO PLAY GOLF WITH YOUR LOSER CENTRAL BANKER HUSBAND!!!

  4. The "council" is an obnoxious a$$ hole.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche