Saturday, March 15, 2014

[Video] Multiple Theories Of Flight 370 Disappearance

Here it is, if the ever-changing news reporters are confusing you watch this video for the facts and the theories (some strange, some not so strange) on the disappearance of flight 370....


  1. A Boeing 777 is NOT a "Dreamliner" as you stated. A dreamliner is a Boeing 787 NOT at 777!

  2. It is my belief that the aircraft is sitting in southern Iran at an airbase. It was probably hijacked to use as a dirty bomb to hit Israel if Israel goes after Iran's Nuclear Sites. There were two people from Iran the flew into KL on their original Legal Passports then got on Flt 370 using stolen Passports. I believe these hijackers are back in Iran waiting to use the aircraft as a weapons system over Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. It is just a thought, but Gen Maclerney thinks the same as I do on this..

    1. Either there or N. Korea awaiting to be "fitted"!

    2. I think that you are right about Iran having something to do with this. This was something preplanned. Those two men with the stolen passports are the key. they may not be Iranian military, so that Iran can deny any involvement. Yet, they are probably trained by the military to carry out this kidnapping. There was either cargo or personnel on that jet they wanted. The copilot cold very well have been part of a sleeper cell, if the two didn't pull this on their own. There may have been a firearm or two plant on the jet somewhere for the two to use. There is no way that this jet could have made it to North Korea without someone spotting it, unless they traded transponders with another jet. I think the jet is in a hanger in Iran or in one that the country is supportive of Iran. I believe there is something that another country wants to keep quiet about. They don't want the information of what was on the jet leaked. I think that the jet will never be found, nor the passengers. The people that did the hijacking know that China will probably come to wipe out the people responsible. The jet will be chopped up and the passengers will probably be killed and burned, so there is no trace.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche