Tuesday, March 4, 2014

[Video] Harlem Church Sign: Obama Has Released "Homo Demons"

The sign reads: "Obama has released homo demons on the black man, look out black women, a white homo may take your man."


  1. Just one comment, did these people that are demonizing the Anti-Christ Obama, did any of them VOTE FOR OBAMA?

  2. You get what you paid for by voting for Obama. Did you believe his lies or did you just vote for him b/c he was black? We all learn from your mistakes but he isn't just taking down the people that didn't vote for him, Obama is taking America down! I hope you all are happy for unleashing this EVIL on America & American's

  3. Boy that is a stupid reporter. The black family unit is in great disarray! Over fifty percent of abortions are of black babies! Planed Parenthood is killing the black family!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche