Wednesday, March 19, 2014

School Principal Fired For Telling Students To Speak English

What more needs to be said? This school board decided that it's better to force a child to grow-up to be a second-class citizen than to thwart a warped political agenda.  You simply won't believe your eyes as you read this story.

(Houston Chronicle) The Hempstead school board won't renew the contract of a principal who instructed her students not to speak Spanish, in a rapidly-evolving district where more than half of the students, like many Texas schools, are now Hispanic.

Hempstead Middle School Principal Amy Lacey was placed on paid administrative leave in December after reportedly announcing, via intercom, that students were not to speak Spanish on the school's campus. The Hispanic population of the rural area, roughly 50 miles northwest of Houston, is growing quickly, and Latino advocates say that it's important to allow Spanish in public schools.

"When you start banning aspects of ethnicity or cultural identity," says Augustin Pinedo, director of the League of United Latin American Citizens Region 18, "it sends the message that the child is not wanted: 'We don't want your color. We don't want your kind.' They then tend to drop out early."

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  1. This story is just one more reason why the P.C. mentality will waste resources and effort with no results, except legal fees and distorted thinking. Children need to learn the language of the country in which they live in order to participate in the "American Dream." Of course, the American Dream is being dismantled by Obama's attacks on the Constitution and his installation of Marxism in our lives. The Rule of Law is deteriorating into the Rule of Man, and only if you're the top dog can you live in freedom. You ObamaVoters can pat yourselves on the back for that one, as you now own that.

  2. How much longer do these people think these lame excuses are going to work? For eons people have moved to different countries and learned the language. Now all of a sudden it is voodoo. It's time to stop blaming your inadequacies as educators on the kids who are more than capable of learning a new language.

  3. They ought to fire the people that fired her.And she ought to sue the h-ll out of them.

  4. Isn't one of the requirements when you immigrate legally you have to know the language? I think you must speak Spanish to immigrate to Mexico.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche