Sunday, March 16, 2014

Prof Says People Who Don't Believe In Global Warming Should Be Jailed

Not only is the global warming debate over, this prof says that people who spread false information on global warming under the guise of science should be jailed; so our only question at this point is: When will this wack-job be turning himself in to local authorities.

(Breitbart) Scientists who don't believe in catastrophic man-made global warming should be put in prison, a US philosophy professor argues on a website funded by the UK government.

Lawrence Torcello - assistant professor of philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, writes in an essay at The Conversation that climate scientists who fail to communicate the correct message about "global warming" should face trial for "criminal negligence". (H/T Bishop Hill)

The Conversation - no relation of Breitbart's blogging chatroom - is a website promoting articles by academics and funded by nineteen of Britain's leading universities, as well as several government agencies, including the Higher Education Funding Council For England (HEFCE) and the Higher Education Funding Council For Wales (HEFCW) and Research Council UK.

Its motto is "Academic rigour, journalistic flair" - both qualities which are mysteriously absent from Torcello's essay, titled "Is Misinformation About The Climate Criminally Negligent?"

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  1. What does a philosophy professor know about science? Why is he even in this debate? WTH is the matter with people? They want to turn the sun down! I am sure that here in America with Record snowfall that we can really believe that this global warming is for real? Yeah right!! I have a friend in Michigan near the great lakes has 8 feet of snow in his yard & 3 feet of snow on his roof! He has a tunnel out to the street. Global warming my A$$!

  2. No, stupid, uninformed liberal professors should be jailed. Then he can be sympathetic to his boyfriends in the shower.

  3. climate change is the biggest hoax ever!!!! Only GOD controls the climate.

    1. Climate change is an acknowledged fact of life, and there are warming cycles and cooling cycles. This is proven. The thing that global warming alarmists are basing their actions on is their belief that the climate changes are caused by man-made actions or circumstances. That belief has been disproved beyond reasonable debate, and the sun and its various emissions is the real "culprit." No amount of carbon dioxide, or lack of it, can change that, nor any other greenhouse gases. Smog control is beneficial for obvious reasons, but it has nothing to do with global warming cycles. And the next biggest hoax is that carbon dioxide is a pollutant! Obama is pushing that through his EPA, making both him and the EPA look ridiculous.

    2. When has the climate not changed.

  4. The following E-mail was sent to the pet rock along with several attachments to back up the fact that the Hypotheses of GHGE does not exist.
    You better do a lot more investigation on the real science behind the Hoax of Man-made global warming. The criminals are those that are indoctrinating children (common core)and adults with a Hypotheses of the greenhouse gas effect. The hypotheses has not and can not be verified with credible experimental evidence.
    Attached are several true scientific papers that prove that the "greenhouse gas effect" does not exist therefore all related nonsense has to be scraped and those that have promoted the lies should be prosecuted. The people and scientist that have "denied" the existence of Man(Mann) made global warming /climate change are Heroes, those that continue to promote the lies including the IPCC, John Holdren ( the alchemist) Barack Obama ,US EPA have to be tried for treason.
    The attachments are a tinny part of all the real scientific papers that show that the GHGE /Mann-made climate change are total lies. You have been conned by your ignorance of physics, quantum physics and thermodynamics.
    In general anyone that believes that Climatologists are the scientists that know about atmospheric physics are dumber than pet rocks.
    There are many climatologists that know that the Cult of AGW are environmental vampires or environmental zombies and should be put out on Arctic sea ice to study the growing population of polar bears.

    1. At least the polar bears would have something to eat, but they might not like junk scientist food.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche