Thursday, March 13, 2014

ObamaCare Architect Spills The Beans On ObamaCare's Real Purpose

Just wait until you hear Ezekiel Emanuel, the architect of ObamaCare, state the real purpose behind ObamaCare in a shocking moment of candor. You might not believe it.

(The Federalist) One of the key architects of the law, Ezekiel Emanuel, has been starting to dish the inside scoop on how ObamaCare was put together, because he has a book to flog.

Usually, this sort of thing is supposed to happen only years after the law takes effect, but that might be "never," given the administration’s habit of deferring the law’s key provisions year after year. So the insiders’ books are going to come out first, and they’re going to start saying some unexpectedly honest things about the law’s purpose.

Emanuel gives us one big answer to our question. What was the point of ObamaCare, if not to insure the uninsured? To destroy the insurance companies.

To be sure, Emanuel’s answer is only semi-honest. In one of a spate of new articles touting his book, he proclaims: "Insurance Companies as We Know Them Are About to Die."

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  1. what else does the the dem's want but to destroy the usa as we all know it


Posted By: Chris Carmouche