Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obama-Putin Under The Influence Of Supernatural Forces?

We're not regular readers of the Hal Lindsey report but even for those who are not followers of biblical prophecy, there are some very valid points here.

(Hal Lindsey) When someone as responsible as Chancellor Merkel (whose father was a pastor) tells us that "another world" may be influencing the decisions being made in "Magog," we should listen, but not be surprised.

Folks, as I've said many, many times over the years on this program, we are seeing supernatural forces at work in America and in the world. There is no other way to explain some of the things that are happening. Too many of them defy logic and common sense. But, then, the prophecies concerning the final days of this Age have consistently bumfuzzled the critics. Their favorite argument is that we shouldn't believe the Bible because there's no way some of the events it predicts can happen.

What do they say when that stuff actually happens -- as we're witnessing today? Their silence is deafening.

But that's not all I'll be discussing on this week's show. I'll bring you up to date on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent visit to the White House; Mahmoud Abbas's outburst that makes a mockery of President Obama's assertion that he is a reliable peace partner; Secretary of State John Kerry's veiled threats toward Israel; and other items that will make you ask yourself, "How did Washington get this so wrong?"

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