Monday, March 10, 2014

McConnell Warns He'll 'Crush' Conservatives 'Everywhere'

The man who has never uttered such strong words in reference to Barack Obama is apparently on a quest to "crush" his real enemy... the problem is that the enemy appears to be the GOP Base.

(RedState) "Crush them everywhere." That is not Mitch McConnell’s expectation on beating the Democrats. That is not Mitch McConnell’s hope against Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats. This — "crush them everywhere" — is what Mitch McConnell tells the New York Times he intends to do to conservatives.

Across the country, as conservatives realize that to change America they must change Washington and to change Washington they must change the GOP, men and women are standing up, giving small dollar donations, and finding challengers to the Republican establishment.

The Republican establishment they fight is the one that gave us the foundation for Common Core in No Child Left Behind, the welfare state expansion of Medicare Part D, the ballooning of the national debt for domestic programs while hiding behind war spending, and then collaborating with the Democrats for TARP, the General Motors bailout, and banning the incandescent light bulb.

If Mitch McConnell and his friends win re-election, the Republican establishment that did those things will be the Republican leadership back in charge.

This is why I think, in truth, whether you as a conservative think you can sit this out or not, if conservatives do not beat McConnell, Thad Cochran, Pat Roberts, Shane Osborne, and others, the Republican establishment in Washington will finally conclude that conservatives are paper tigers who can be ignored.

They have been working toward that for a while. John Boehner has attacked conservatives. McConnell says he will "crush them everywhere."

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  1. Primary this a-hole out of the running.

  2. It is because of people like McConnell that the Republicans lose.

    1. McConnell looks stupid enough to believe that illegal invaders would vote Republican out of gratitude if amnesty passed.

  3. Someone please put a gag in this suffer from dementia.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche