Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Left Declares War On Heterosexuals

The latest frontal assault in the Left's was on heterosexuals is in full force. The only problem... it was a made-up fabrication... a lie...

(Western Journalism) Last Tuesday, a California (of course) high school transsexual reported he was savagely beaten by a group of “evil” straight white thugs because he is a transsexual. The “attack” left parents, students, and staff members reeling because it was the second such attack at the Contra Costa school during this school year.

All concerned parties immediately played their politically correct, assigned role in the wake of this “terrible tragedy.” Of course, the police immediately labeled it a “hate crime.”

The President of the Pacific Justice Institute wrung his hands, saying “This is a terrible tragedy that occurred to this student. For him to be put in such an unsafe environment should be a wake-up call to every school district about what can happen … The people who did this, and the school district should be held responsible in doing all they can not to ignore it."

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  1. Leave the queers along! Just let them breed themselves out of existence. Soon the sewers will overflow with their brown, and toilet-tissue encrusted, new-born corpses.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche