Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Connecticut To Declare 350,000 Gun Owners Felons?

"Connecticut has created a crisis for itself: The possibility of having 350,000 new felons in the state – roughly 20 times its current prison population." -WND

(WND) It’s all because the legislature adopted a law that bans some types of guns and weapons based on certain physical features.

There is no grandfathering for people who already possess the weapons. The only alternative is for the owner to submit an application with identifying information such as fingerprints.

It’s estimated that up to 350,000 residents didn’t meet the state’s deadline for submitting the information.

The result? They’re felons. No one has been charged or convicted yet, but the law allows no half-measures. Even possessing the weapon makes a person a felon.

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  1. Does that mean all our thousands of soldiers are felons to, Why dont you try to arrest them ?Especially the -ss hole who dreamed this up.Point him out for a change so we can see the creeps were dealing with.They keep hiding in the middle of the pack.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche