Saturday, February 1, 2014

[Video] Watch These Liberals Lie For Obama

Liberals say the darndest things. Obama’s State of The Union speech had not even taken place when Jimmy Kimmel Live took to the streets to ask Obama-bots what they thought of it, and you won't believe what some of them said...

According to a study by the National Center For Disaster Preparedness the coming crisis will be far worse than initially predicted... Watch This Video


  1. The republiCONs are the liers

    1. You sure do need "REAL BAD" to get a life that has more brain power than you are running on now!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. You need to learn how to spell if you want people to take you seriously!

  2. If there was ever any evidence to prove that this nation is finished, it's this video. There are just as many ordinary American liars out there who will lie right to your face as there are crooked politicians. It's actually the American people's fault for everything bad that is happening in this country. They have elected who they have elected, they have not held accountable those that have been elected, and they don't watch what their elected officials are doing half the time. Heck, most of the time the typical American idiot can't even identify their congressmen and local legislators. THIS COUNTRY IS DONE! It's all downhill from here, folks. The USA already peaked...I sure feel sorry for the little kids and future generations who are going to be left with a much poorer, unfree nation because of the ignorance and stupidity of the current adult generation.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche