Saturday, February 1, 2014

[Video] Say What? Obama Usurps The Constitution Because He's Black

No, we're not saying it. That's actually the lame and racially-charged excuse a liberal activist on Fox Business gave for Obama's need to end-run Congress and issue Executive Orders... you've got to see it to believe it...

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  1. The liberal activist's statement is incredibly stupid and upsetting, but the behavior of all participants in interrupting each other and outshouting each other was equally disturbing. Unfortunately this uncivil, disrespectful behavior is becoming the norm in the U.S. I can understand that they were disoriented and amazed by the activist's stupid remark, but control would have been more effective. They could have made the point that Obama's decision to preempt the power of Congress and make unilateral, autocratic decisions has nothing to do with his race but rather is caused by his apparent ego and lack of understanding that the powers of rule in the country are purposely divided. The three branches of government established by the country's founders were designed precisely to avoid the kind of power grab currently occurring in the executive branch by Obama. He is ignoring the Constitution which allows for executive orders but with the approval of Congress, I believe. Congress is also remiss here in allowing this power grab to occur. But none of this has anything to do with race. This situation is occurring because of the nature of Obama as a human entity and has nothing to do with his color. In fact, Obama is equally black and white due to his parents interracial relationship, so it's impossible to state that Congress won't work with Obama because he's black. He's also white, but if he were pink, purple, or chartreuse on the surface, the "content of his character," as described by the great Martin Luther King, would be the same, unfortunately. Skin color does not determine character.

    1. everyone of these fools are total assholes!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche