Monday, February 17, 2014

Obama To Propose $1 Billion Global Warming Boondoggle

Solyndra, move over. Now that John Boehner has raised the limit on the nation's credit cards, Barack Obama is about to propose a billion dollar global warming boondoggle. The devil is in the details and the details, we are assured by The Chosen One, will be forthcoming soon.

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(Washington Times) As part of his administration’s broad effort to fight global warming, President Obama will propose in his 2015 budget a new $1 billion “climate resilience” fund, and the White House expects the proposal to gain traction despite the controversy surrounding the issue.

"The idea of a climate resilience fund is something that should be and we expect will be supported across all parts of the country... the need to be prepared, the need to take steps that help our farmers and businesses and communities deal with the consequences from severe weather events is evident to everyone across the country," White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Friday.

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  1. Obama's certainty that "global warming" is more than just a theory despite lack of scientific consensus raises questions about his real agenda. He may not plan on a third term as president, but threats of global warming and possibly resulting public hysteria may be the foundation he envisions as the catapult to effective globalization with him as the world dictator. It's a long shot, but utilizing fears about warming, which has already happened on this planet at least three times previously as each of four Ice Ages ended, may be less stressful than starting a war which he could use as a reason to maintain his dictatorship in America and to extend that control globally. Or his firm conviction that global warming is a certainty could be just plain inability to understand the difference between the concepts of weather and climate. A few years or even centuries of apparent "warming" is called "weather," not climate. The last global warming period began 10,000 years ago when the last Ice Age ended. The planet is still in that warming period. Either Obama doesn't know that or he prefers to ignore or distort the facts in order to pursue a global agenda.

  2. That's Great !! - Next we can work on how to keep the Sky from falling ..........


Posted By: Chris Carmouche