Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Congressman Joins The Impeach Obama Bandwagon

The possibility of impeaching Barack Obama based a wide range of alleged constitutional violations already has been discussed by a long list of members of Congress, but now...

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(WND) Now Rep. Paul Broun, a Georgia Republican who is seeking to replace the retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss, is joining the list.

He’s accompanied by a couple of his opponents in the open race.

A video from a forum over the weekend featuring candidates for Chambliss’ seat shows Broun and two others, Derrick Grayson, an engineer, and Eugene Yu, a businessman, raising their hands when asked whether they would support impeachment.

A forum moderator asked the candidates: "Obama has perjured himself on multiple occasions. Would you support impeachment if presented for a vote?"

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  1. Yes, the 'illegal alien' is certainly doubly ILLEGAL, as he does NOT QUALIFY for even being IN the United States Of America;
    he is a total fabrication of a United States Citizen--but is a total communist/fascist and, of course, has made George Soros and Frank Marshal Davis (now deceased) proud, on the South Side Of Chicago. He was hand-picked (a black) to be a Illinois State Senator, then moved on to the United States Senate, and finally, was PLACED IN THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STAES OF AMERICA! I ask you this: Does it seem likely that the Democratic Machine (in Chicago) now is kicking itself in the rear--seeing what a shambles he has made of our economy, our friends in other nations and friends in countries like Saudi Arabia, etc., who DID support him, but now are not doing so. He is making a mockery out of releasing thousands of Military Officers/Enlisted, and all he really does right is to continue to be
    a homosexual!!! Thank-you America, for voting your conscience!!!

    1. I hear this that we re-elected him. we did not. it was rfigged. I watched it in the swing states and that is the only ones that got him in and they had bus loads of non speaking individuals come in and they let them voted twice if they wanted. no id, nothing. he had the machines fixed somehow, if people voted romnehy, they switched. I heard this more than a few time. he is illegal and should be removed now.!! impeaching takes tooooooo long.

  2. Right on the money, good person!

  3. Let's hope they can get the job done. They should add Pelosi and Hillary Clinton to the catch as Pelosi bought him two elections with George Soros' money and Hillary acting as our
    ambassador went to Benghazi and got her fat, gay butt on a
    plane to save herself and left those men unprotected from an
    enemy army and didn't tell anyone in the US Govt. that they needed protection. She should be tried for treason against the US Govt. and Pelosi for stealing from the U.S. Govt and defrauding the people of the United States by putting an illegal alien from a middle eastern Islamic country into the presidency for her own personal gain from Georg Soros. Kerry should be stripped of his post as he betrayed the Government by signing and international gun control treaty with an obsolete organization that became extinct in 1960 when the war torn lands of Europe were restored. GET OUT OF THE UN. With Putin in charge they are our enemy. He bought nuclear weapons and materials for Syria and other middle eastern countries with US money. He is a coward who self inflicted to get out of serving in the military where he only piloted a PT boat up and down a river in NON-hostile territory. ALL FACT. The army DR who treated him testified to it on national TV. Clean out congress and get some new blood who care about America instead of just making money to put in their off shore accounts.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche