Saturday, January 25, 2014

[Video] Conressman Promises To Initiate Articles Of Impeachment On Obama

You might remember former Congressman Bob Barr as one of the movers and shakers of the movement to impeach Bill Clinton. Well Barr is running for Congress again and he promises that if he wins, he will move forward on Articles of Impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama.

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  1. I have been reading and hearing these promises to file Impeachment for over a year now. Stop all the Talking and Start the DOING ! ~Rick Magee, MOLON LABE


    2. Articles of Impeachment cannot be brought until the House of Representatives grows some balls and gets some courage. The House has the sole power of impeachment. Constituents need to put pressure on their representative. If no action prior to the 2014 election, the voters should remove the representative at the ballot box.

    3. What a complete CROCK!!!! Bar will if and when, and where will that get us but in another diversion to reality with nothing but another Clinton resolve!
      How about a TRIAL for all of his abusive/illegal acts, Bar states we do not do things that way and yet we let it go on!!!!!!
      Talk is cheap if and when Mr. Bar!

    4. That is just what I was going to post. Actions speak louder than words. Take action and stop blowing hot air.
      For some stupid reason, it looks to me, everyone is afraid of him and his whole administration.

  2. If Mr. Bob Barr knew anything about the US Constitution he would know the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama can not be impeached because he ( obama ) is not a legal sitting US President . That congressional action is reserved for a legal sitting US President or VP.

    1. Exactly! B.O. is foreign born in Kenya not Hawaii as the left prefers to believe. Even his Granny testified that he was Kenyan born so that leaves us with the enigma that Oboy can't be impeached ,he's a fraud and would have to be hauled out of office in an orange jumpsuit. Boy, does does he have a lot of money to pay back the taxpayers for living high on the hog while being a puppet of George Soros to establish a communist coup to destroy the country.

    2. He cannot be impeached because he is not the president. That's why it hasn't happened and Congress isn't talking because they live in fear of losing their ride on the gravy train at the expense of the taxpayers.

      Place of birth does not disqualify him but the fact that his father was not a citizen at the time of his birth does.

      Natural born requires that both parents be US citizens at the time of his birth.

      Obama has claimed that his father was not a US citizen.

      We are paying the price for his disloyalty to the United States. The framers knew this as a problem of loyalty as did the people at the time when the Constitutional Republic was created.

    3. Until they "Ever Prove" he's not ours treat him as if he was. Maybe he'd show his BC. But I doubt it because he'd be in jail. Just keep praying we can get him locked up with no bail for starters.And someone , Congress, Senate or a Judge will get the balls to do their jobs and remove this anti American phony that's trespassing in our White House and invading the Oval Office.

  3. With consideration of the following facts:

    That ObamaCare has clearly unfairly discriminating against young healthy
    individuals by turning the previous 7:1 age band ratio, which must have
    had some actuary basis in the "free market," into a now mandated 3:1 age
    band ratio in ObamaCare; and since that same 3:1 ratio has now been
    adopted (? forced upon them) throughout the private market, making it
    impossible for young persons to buy products that are based upon fair
    actuary standards; and

    Since this fact is, in part, forcing individuals to lose previous
    coverage and forcing them to consider buying new products through
    ObabaCare and/or in the private market that are now priced out of their

    Is there any consideration for bringing either a class action lawsuit
    and/or anti-trust lawsuit against the government and all insurance
    companies based upon a conspiracy by the govenment and the insuranc
    companies to force young health individuals to pay insurance rates (both
    premiums and co-insurance charges) that are not based upon fair actuary
    standards. It seems that this violates "fair and equal" treatment
    standards by the government. There are now no alternatives to insurance
    products that are based upon this clearly distorted age-band ratio, not
    to mention including items that many individuals do not need to insure
    against. It should be easy to show harm to young and healthy
    individuals, and conspiracy, as the government promised insurance
    companies that by conspiring with them in the grand scheme of ObamaCare,
    that they would be able to capture a larger market of "uninsured
    individuals" and with clearly higher premiums and co-insurance costs.

    I am clearly not a lawyer, and I'm sure that anti-trust and conspiracy
    charges and class action suits against the government and insurance
    industy may be difficult to impossible, but some fair correction of the
    clearly unfairly distorted age-band ratio where the government and
    insurance companies clearly "chose favorites," might be a cause that
    Republicans might pursue. In any event, Republicans should be making
    more noise about what Obama has done to economically harm young
    individuals and to marginalize their ability to purchase affordable

    Dick S

  4. At Last, a Congressman with some balls !!!!

    1. Bar is NOT a Congressman and only uses this issue as his way to buy votes. You will note that when he was asked if he'd file (meaningless effort to spend time and money and gain headlines while diverting attention from what is happening) he did NOT answer but referred back to pulling file of what he'd filed against Clinton (for all that accomplished) IF we were going to file impeachment proceedings it MUST have been done a few years ago, much to late and limited. NOW it is even late for getting the ball rolling on TRIAL!

  5. Why wait until Nov 2014? DO IT NOW! Obama will have time to implement martial law before then and we will NEVER get him out of the white house.

  6. Congress impeaches, but senate prosecutes. Fat chance as long as the dumbocraps control the senate.

  7. Conviction is not the real point here - it's the indictment!

    Demand the House start the impeachment inquiry process, then the facts supprting the charges will be spelled out in clear details that will be impossible for the lame stream to suppress!

    Every representative will also be clearly on record as to where he or she stands with respect to honring their "blood" !oaths to defend our Constitution!

    If the Senate fails to convict, each Senator will be exposed as to where he or she stands!

    Accountability before the November elections!

    1. Yes right on , get it on the books the votes of all Senators who vote against this frauds impeachment , so it will be clear where they stand on november election day.

  8. Bob Barr is a brave & brilliant patriot who has paid dearly for championing America's best interests in the past. I am so heartened to know that he is willing to again attempt to save America, albeit nearly singlehandedly & @ a time when our electoral process has been so badly compromised by the outlaw administration in WashDC. Godspeed, honorable Mr. Barr.

  9. Go for it.
    As with the atempted impeachment of Clinton, it would go no where.

    Remember what happened after that debacle.
    Gingrich lost both the speakers chair and his seat in congress, and the republiCONs lost control of both houses of congress.

    So GO FOR IT, and hand it all back to the democrats.

  10. The last time the right wing fools tried to impeach the president (Clinton) it fell on its face, and the republiCONs lost the house, and Gingrich lost both the speakers chair and his seat in the house.

    Bring it on.

  11. Sick of all this bullshit about impeaching Obama BS. Tea Party get it together before you lose those who desperately want a real change Hope = Obama Hanging for Treason, Change=Rino's Gone.Get real Tea Party Candidates in place to defeat Rino's and Demoncrats in every election NOW.

  12. Americans want a real choice on election day not a choice of a lesser evil, thats what we get if there is only a choice between a Demoncrat and a RINO.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche