Thursday, January 9, 2014

[Video] Chris Christie Is Lying And It's A Lie That Will Cost Him The GOP Nomination

According to Dick Morris, Chris Christie's is engaging in an unprecedented "abuse of power" and is about to be caught in a "whopping lie." Watch what Morris has to say and make your own decision.

According to a study by the National Center For Disaster Preparedness the coming crisis will be far worse than initially predicted... Watch This Video


  1. It seems that after 6 years of a Liar we should be used to it ,, although Christee was a man an took the blame as did Harry Truman, that I can Live with ,,, I have a lot of respect for a man that will take the Blame

  2. As admitting accountability has become the politicians accepted way of taking the heat off of them by suggesting they are not responsible, but will assume accountability for wrongdoing and prevarication, I would expect nothing else of Christy. It is hero emulation of his friend, Obama.

  3. Is morris geraldo's brother, they are both full of horse manure.

  4. He took after his buddy obozo but obozo didn't save his ask...... to bad so sad. The traitor got what he deserved......

  5. Does anybody listen to or believe anything Morris has to say anymore? He is been wrong so often that the opposite of what he says is probably the truth.
    If Christi survives this and I think he will it is only going to strengthen him in his bid for the nomination. It is going to be a hard road for him, the Dems are going to come after him like they did Sara Palin with trumpet up law suits. Unlike Palin Christi knows the law and will be able to defend himself.

  6. I frankly hope this pushes him out of the nomination. He and his
    crooks in New York should not be in the President's seat. We
    have enough of that now !!!!!!!!!!!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche