Tuesday, January 21, 2014

[Video] Allen West: Obama Is Racist

It's not the first time he's said it and Allen West is not backing down from the accusation that Barack Obama and Eric Holder are racists.

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  1. Love Allen West and Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Scott - men of honor and dignity and truth - THESE ARE SOME OF THE MEN WHO SHOULD BE ELECTED, not Obama, not Pelosi, not Reid, not Waters, not Congers, not Biden, not... sigh.

  2. Amen. I have listened to Col. Allen West many times. He is a leader and his feelings about ovomit and biden are right from the gut. I also like Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, and Senator Scott. I am not a racist like the idiots mentioned ovomit and e.holder as they deserve to be replaced now. Our country United States of America is my country and we deserve men that are leaders not lead from behind. That wonderful gesture belongs to idiots that are incapable of leading even a kindergarten class in Ring around the Rosie. They are so hell bent on destroying our country from within. God Damn the people that voted for this a**hole in the first place. I figured him out in 2004 and never voted for him. He was revealed as a communist then and now we can see his agenda. I hope that \Americans can see what I have seen in these tyrants and get rid of them. They are slime and the office of POTUS will not be the same until these racist pigs are eliminated. maxine waters is another example of a racist pig. Why people vote for that communist is beyond me. Another one is henry waxman that has shown his true colors as a communist and a pig to boot. Unfortunately I live in kulifornia and cannot get out as I have my life savings in my home. I have been here since 1947 and this state is not the golden state but a state of takers and people that want freebies and all the illegal mexicans that need to be taken back to their country of origin. Most cities here are becoming just like tijuana and no one has a green card and is paid in cash. I do not have a job and have ben out of work for almost 4 years. The government does not care. They are blinded by the appearance of what they call a messiah that is satan in our White House.

  3. I met Col West and he is one great person, his wife is great also.

  4. Please take care Allen West.
    Everything you say is correct.
    I also recall when you named 80 Congress members who were members of the Communist Party, when it was forbidden then became democrats ONLY to be able to be elected. They turned this party which was not so disreputable into the demoncraps they are today.
    Absolutely no morals in this group/
    These names should be repeated in every ad. before this next election.
    Thank you Col. for your respect and untiring support for the decent, conservatives and Christians.
    God bless you!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche