Thursday, January 23, 2014

ObamaCare Navigator Confirmed Felon

(ALPAC) Somehow, some way, as many as 31 states do not require background checks for Obamacare "navigators," — people who have been hired to help enroll Americans in the insurance exchanges and who have access to sensitive personal information including Social Security numbers, financial information, and health records.

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Connecticut is one of the states that does require background checks; and yet, there is a confirmed felon being granted access to everything needed to commit identity theft.

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  1. Now isn't this par for the course with this person in the WH. How could you people didn't see who he was. He was the perfect scam artist for sure. He doesn't know a blasted thing. He has got to go and very very soon. People demand that our congress start now.!!!

  2. Of coarse, Obama is the village idiot. His poor choices, failed policies, and corrupt associates continue to destroy America.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche