Thursday, January 9, 2014

Medicaid Recipients Using 911 As Car Service

According to political blogger, Elizabeth Vale, more and more Medicaid recipients are essentially using 911 as a private car service... ouch.

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(Politichicks) I recently spoke with a FireMedic who works in an area that has a high minority population and a high enrollment in Medicaid. He told me that due to the fact that Medicaid covers ambulance transfers and 911 calls, many individuals use 911 and the Fire Department as little more than a doctor on wheels and a car service.

Basically, all these individuals have to do is call up 911 and say "My child has a fever" or "I don’t feel very good – I need to go to the ER" and the Fire Department will dispatch a team of paramedics to their homes to provide care.

If the patient needs any type of medical care and the patient wants to go to the ER, the Fire Department will take them – simple as that. Many times the requests are tedious, but that is not for Fire Department to decide and most times, as long as it isn’t specifically stated to be non-emergency, Medicaid will pay for the ride to the ER.

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