Saturday, December 21, 2013

[Video] Obama, Hillary Charged With Aiding And Abetting Muslim Brotherhood Crimes

In two separate criminal complaints, lawmakers have charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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  1. They should have been sent to prison more than three years ago. Both are criminals and deserve to be treated as such. Impeach Obama or charge him with High Crimes and the "Old Hag" Hillary should go to Leavenworth. She has lied, cheated and tried to cover up everything since Bill was in office. We do not need another criminal in the White House. If she were elected, it would be as bad or worse than idiot Obama.

    1. Couldn't have been put any better than that Jeff.

  2. The Truth always Wins!! Congratulations America & the Americans who thoroughly root out & expose lies, liars, enemies of the State(no matter who they are!). These charges have been a long time coming!! Now, America can get back to Liberty & Justice, along with The Truth ruling!!

  3. Proposed amendment to the US Constitutional
    1. All candidates for president and vice president must be given a security check before they can be placed on the ballet for the general election.
    2. To assure that these candidates will meet the requirement the proposed candidates must be submitted to an investigation by a committee made up of sheriffs of one forth of the states plus one sheriff elected at large.
    3. As the president and vice president will have access to all the top secretes of the United States they must be beyond reproch in integrity and honesty.
    4. After a president and vice president are elected by the States of the United States it shall be confirmed that they serve at the description of the States. Should it be determined by a vote of three quarters of the states that either the president or vice president have not been honest in performing their duties to abide by the Constitution he or they would be removed and tried for treason.
    5. The trial will be performed by an eleven judges panel of the chief justices of the states selected by random selection by lottery.
    6. All members of the cabinet of the president must have a security check before they are submitted to the Senate for approval. The security check shall be performed by the FBI under the supervision of a committee of the sheriffs of the states.
    7. No member of the cabinet of the president shall be a United States Citizen for less than 10 years and can not have been a citizen of a country that has declared to destroy the United States.
    8. Judges in the Federal judicial system including the justices of the Supreme court are serving as representatives of the states in our Federal form of government, therefore should any judge or group of judges fail to follow the Constitution with do respect to all sections of the Constitution and Amendments they can be removed by two third's vote of the State legislatures.
    9. No federal court including the Supreme court can declare an amendment to the State constitution unconstitutional if the State Supreme Court has determined that it is Constitutional.
    Revision to proposed amendments

  4. Yes, bravo. Recognizing that the vice president is selected at the discretion of the party, the vp must also be thoroughly vetted.
    Also recognizing that the marriage partner is a part of the package, we must not kudo just for that. If the low information
    voters should inappropriately select Clinton to replace Obama,
    thwe new pees. would the clone named Clinton (hail Obama)

  5. the new pres would be a clone named Clinton

    BLACK MAN, VERY INTELLIGENT...check him out !!!!!!!!!!!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche