Monday, December 9, 2013

[Video] Obama Bio States Obama Born In Kenya

While we can't validate whether or not this bio appeared in the Harvard Law Review, we can verify that it was released by Barack Obama's publicist back in the 90's and it raises the question: When it comes to his eligibility to even hold the office of President of the United States, was Obama lying then or is he lying now.

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  1. This doesn't even matter to the Establishment, nor the Media! Democrats call this conspiracy, even though it was self published, and therefore it has become the untouchable story! Just like his Nobel Peace Prize, his Harvard Law Review was given for no accomplishments as he was never published, just fit the Affirmative Action Model! This man has been given everything he is and has no qualifications of his own, to include his own Biography, written by Bill Ayers (Domestic Terrorist)! What ever happened to Vetting, guess the Democrats could not convince an actual Citizen to Destroy the Country, so Barry was their best bet to get-r-done! Anyway it saved having to JFK him, for refusing to destroy the Republic!!!

  2. This has been known by readers of WND for years, prior to his first election, and thereafter; He is NOT qualified to be present, and the qualification was not signed fully by Nancy Pelosi who was in charge of signing the validation. She KNEW he was not valid, yet she allowed him to continue the charade, and therefore participated in it. The founding fathers knew the danger of allowing the Presidency to be in the hands of someone born in foreign lands; they made the issue a responsibility to be fulfilled as defined. We have a pretender who is endangering our nation and the end of this pretense is needed now.
    A very concerned American

  3. I would SAY..Impeachment should begin NOW!!!!!

  4. Just arrest and perp-walk the usurper-in-chief out of OUR house!

  5. Impeach him now, please for the sake of our country!

  6. There still will be nothing done about this lie. The Democrats love the lie, and the Republicans are afraid of much of something. Given just the questions about Barry's Social Security identity an Selective Service whatever, would put most of instantly in jail......3 or 4 million dollars seems to buy a LOT of protection.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche