Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sieg Heil: Government Employee Censored For Trash-Talking ObamaCare

This government office is replete with pro-ObamaCare paraphernalia, but when this government employee engaged in some "water-cooler" talk about people having their policies cancelled under ObamaCare, she was frog-marched into her supervisor's office....

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(Daily Caller) According to Mooney’s attorneys with the Pacific Justice Institute, she made some water-cooler talk with a fellow employee about the high number people who have had their insurance policies canceled under ObamaCare.

Later, a supervisor called Mooney into a private meeting and allegedly dressed her down for the attempt at chitchat because an unidentified person had overheard the small talk and been offended.

In the future, the supervisor said, Mooney must exit the government building should she have anything adverse about ObamaCare or otherwise political to say.

Mooney’s attorneys noted that this edict is an odd one considering Mooney’s claim that the office environment is replete with pro-Obama paraphernalia. She noted that her coworkers openly wore Obama campaign attire to work at election time as well.

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  1. If Mooney had been in the Bush miss administration, she would be unemployed instead of just dressed down.

    1. You are so full of Baloney Sauce. You leftist are so full of crap we can smell it all the way here

    2. Amen! Lefties still holding the standard practice of Presidents terminating Lawers from previous administrations! But disregarding Facts as usual, Bush only Terminated 40, whereas Clinton and Odumber Terminated all Justice Lawers! OOPS forgot Ends Justify means and it's only Bad when Republicans do it, as Democrats are always Justified, whether Adultry, Fraud, Racketeering, Treason, Slander, Racism or just plain Lawlesness! We must remember Communist Tyrants are neerely Perfect and if it weren't for that Damn Constitution, they would be Perfect, since the People would be too ignorant, or Scared to point out Faults!
      The Democratic Party is a Party of FOOLS and Incompetants, Living off the backs of the oppressed Working Masses, asking for more with no care of whom they Steal it from, as long as they are Excempt from whatever Ponzi Scheme they pass!!!

    3. In response to your comment you are so full of BS that it is impossible for you to hear and listen to the truths about all of Obama's failed policies, as you can't pull your head out of his ass long enough to do so.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche