Friday, December 20, 2013

Lessons To Be Learned From The Duck Dynasty Flap

The problem is not that A&E "caved" to the radical homosexual lobby. As one of our readers observed, the problem is that "the producers of film and TV long ago ceded pre-approval of all content to [organizations like] GLAAD." War was declared long ago and the question that remains is: Will those who oppose the radical agenda of the left fight the good fight?

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(CAA) Soft-headed conservatives and libertine libertarians now have a choice to make. Either they can realize the homosexual movement is an enemy to freedom and liberty, and is being used by those who want to impose statism in order to silence the Christian Church, which has always been the greatest obstacle to statism.

Or, they can continue their willful ignorance and continue to believe the lie neutrality is a viable option. Understand, of course, that if you choose the Neville Chamberlain road the statists will take you down next after they’re done driving the Christian Church into the cultural catacombs.

And without a vibrant, bold, and courageous church shining its light in the darkness, you’ll be as vulnerable as a flock of ducks on a Robertson family hunting trip.

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  1. The Tickletwerps strike again. First they try to destroy Chick Filet for its CEO's personal opinion, now they go after the Robertsons. Chick Filet is doing fine and the Robertsons will triumph. Tolerance doesn't mean approval, it means live and let live. Besides, Robertson has a point.

  2. Radical homosexuals and lesbians (GLADD, etc.), Statists, socialist news media, et al, are using the Phil Robertson interview with GQ magazine as a means to wage war through misunderstanding what Phil was even talking about... the generality of SIN and the moral decline of America by their individual and national rebellion against GOD. They prove by their lust for morally corrupt power to hate anything Christian by their imposition of immorality upon the moral... the same thing Satan did in his war against God and lost, then was cast out of heaven with his followers (morally corrupt angels) into hell - a very real place. They too will follow the same path for GOD will not tolerate their rebellion nor hate towards all things right and good.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche