Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holy Smokes: Less Than 15 Percent Of ObamaCare 'Enrollees' Are Actually Covered?

This week's ObamaCare headlines have been dominated by HHS' announcement that 365,000 Americans have selected a plan through ObamaCare's federal and state exchanges... but the government's official number is misleadingly high - by this estimate - as much as 85%.

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(TownHall) Three huge caveats to the 365,000 figure.

One: As Phil Klein notes in the excerpt, by HHS’s own admission, some of them are duplicates. And the fact that they felt obliged to admit that in a report that they’re desperately trying to spin as good news suggests that "some" isn’t an insignificant number.

Two: As you hopefully already understand, "sign-ups" aren’t the same as "enrollments." HHS’s original targets for O-Care were based on the assumption that people would be fully enrolled with their new insurers and ready to go with coverage on January 1. But because they’re desperate for positive publicity, they tweaked that metric so that anyone who’s tried to sign up and gotten as far as choosing a plan, even if they haven’t actually purchased it yet, counts in terms of them hitting their target. The actual number of people who’ve enrolled, not just “signed up,” is a well-kept secret.

Three: As you also know by now, even if you’ve pulled the trigger on a plan and enrolled with an insurance company, your enrollment isn’t valid until you’ve paid your first month of premiums.

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