Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cracker Barrel Bails On Duck Dynasty Patriarch

If you shop at Cracker Barrel, now might be the time to consider taking your business elsewhere...

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(TMZ) Cracker Barrel has become the first sponsor to cut bait with "Duck Dynasty" ... but not entirely.

The Southern-themed food chain reacted to Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments by removing "selected products which we were concerned might offend some of our guests" from their stores and restaurants.

We called a bunch of Cracker Barrel stores, and the managers told us the products that were removed were the ones that had Phil's face plastered on the packaging. Almost to a person, the managers added, "We still offer a wide variety of Duck Commander products," and then we heard a click.

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  1. I will no longer patronize the Cracker Barrel restaurants.

  2. Guess I won't be eating there anymore.

  3. How could you??????
    How could you do such a thing????
    No respect for our culture or beliefs.

  4. Cracker Barrel's food is garbage and some of the most unhealthy food you can eat. At the levels it serves up saturated fats and Omega 6 oils and lacking Omega 3 oils, its food could very well be carcinogenic, and definitely extremely unhealthy. If I weren't already boycotting its crummy and unhealthy food, I'd do so for it being a homosexual fascist company supporting the destruction of the moral fiber of our formerly great Republic.

  5. Bottom line: Cracker Barrel is trying to attract queers by the dozens. Let them, as fags are too busy giving 'head' to notice,
    but Cracker Barrel WILL, when most good Americans stop frequenting their establishments!

  6. Sense Cracker barrel caved and kissed the red neck bigots back side a few days later, I have put CB on my No Way list.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche