Friday, December 27, 2013

Breaking: New ObamaCare Taxes Revealed

(TownHall) The cost of ObamaCare has been most visible recently in the form of purchase and coverage mandates, but we should all recognize that there are explicit taxes scheduled to take effect next year as well.

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President Obama has been jerking the insurance companies around with the sign-up deadlines and "un-cancelled plans." The companies might be getting a little retribution.

The New York Post reports that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama is putting an explicit line on their form that shows what the Obamacare taxes are costing consumers every month:.

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  1. He not only is jerking the insurance companies he is jerking the whole American people with his spending on ads an cost of the Obamajerk he is sending Kenya or already has spent 480 million dollars if not more for health care an insurance for Kenya ..why do we have be forced to pay for insurance an his home country gets it free...we have a real clown in the white house ..Please go back to Kenya an be there so called president


Posted By: Chris Carmouche