Monday, November 25, 2013

[Video]: Hookers For ObamaCare

We couldn't make it up if we tried. Watch this breaking news story from the Sacramento, California ABC affiliate KXTV...

[Video] You Will Not Survive
There are 7 signs of a crisis in America and 5 of them have already happened. Watch this video and find out what they are now.

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  1. Unbelievable. Not only do we have to pay for contraception and abortions, now we have to pay for any diseases ladies of the evening may pick up. What is it that Ronald Reagan said about prostitutes and politics?. He was so right.

    1. Looks like a lot of people are getting screwed, including those not engaged in the act. But, good luck, girls ... hospitals & doctors are closing up shop; so getting treatment is going to require a long...long...long wait.
      One thing about free get what you pay for (provided you actually get anything at all).

  2. Ronald Regan, as POTUS, said many things. His comment about prostitutes and politics cannot be quoted, due to the extreme, negative nature of the facts about both. Prostitution and Politics affect people negatively--prostitutes and politics are in the same category: people who delve into both end up getting fuc--d


Posted By: Chris Carmouche