Sunday, November 17, 2013

Soros-Tied Group Behind Obama Campaign To 'Sell ObamaCare'

You've probably never heard of the left-wing group that is behind the multi-miilion dollar effort to market ObamaCare, so you probably don't know about this group's ties to George Soros, the Obama White House, a bevy of radical left-wing groups and the coordinated effort to deceive the public on ObamaCare.

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(WND) A group that has been the driving force in branding ObamaCare has recommended a series of phrases, some deceptive, that the White House and Democrats have used to sell the health-care law to the public, WND has found.

The little-known Herndon Alliance has been behind the marketing of ObamaCare since the inception of the legislation.

It was the group that crafted President Obama’s false claim that Americans can maintain their “choice” of doctors and insurance plans.

Along with advising the Obama administration, Herndon has been providing strategy to Enroll America, the main organization pushing for the uninsured to sign up for ObamaCare. Enroll America’s executive director, Ron Pollack, was a founding member of Herndon.

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