Monday, November 4, 2013

Romney Proclaims Christie The Savior Of The GOP

Romney shows, once again, precisely why he lost the 2012 presidential election to Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the only one who doesn't get it, is Mitt Romney...

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( Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who lost the 2012 election to President Barack Obama, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday that he believed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could "easily" become the GOP presidential nominee in 2016 and "save our party."

Christie most recently made national news when he decided to drop a legal challenge to rulings in New Jersey state courts that declared same-sex marriage legal there.

And not long before that, he changed his position on the question of whether illegal aliens should get in-state tuition rates at New Jersey state colleges. Now he backs legislation that would give that privilege to illegal aliens.

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In another news story, Romney also hits that he would have moved to repeal ObamaCare, only to replace it with his own form of ObamaCare...


  1. A clear indication of Romney's naivete and gullibility. I guess Mitt thinks that Santa Claus and the Big Rock Candy Mountain actually exist.

  2. Romney's comments reveal his belief that New England Ivy League politicians are the most qualified to be Presidents due to his big city background. Romney lost because there was no real choice between the candidates and that the Obama regime conducted a more systematic, shrewd and cunning campaign. Both catered to the growing segment of the populations reliance on government control to aid and protect them with a Health Care Mandate. The common sense freedom loving Republicans and Independents just stayed home. Notice that very few Lawmakers admitted mistakes have been rescinded and that more Laws have been piled on. The majority of the population further West have grown wary of the of the persistent growth of Government regulations perpetrated upon them by the "I know what's better for you" inside the "Belt Way Politicians". Our confidence in Candidates from this area is lost. So, Christy has already lost. The upcoming Presidential Election will have the feeling of being staged by the Elites if Christy becomes the Republican Parties nominee.

  3. This should put the final nail in both the Romney and the Christy coffins.

  4. What else would you expect to dribble out of the mouth of the globalist loser Romney. He's one of the establishment "elites". If there is NOT a sincere original Tea Party Christian Conservative as the next GOP presidential candidate then this is one voter who will never vote for the junk the RNC keeps throwing at us.

  5. Romney, McCain, Rove and Christie all are Rino's and are unwanted

  6. Why would anyone want to believe Mitt Romney?!? He screwed Massachusetts voters and capitulated to a Democratic governor and virtually walked away from a historic ballot initiative which would outlawed same sex marriage in Massachusetts. I know, because I live in Taxachusetts. Romney pushed forth his own healthcare legislation and penalized those who didn't get why would anyone believe this Rino?

  7. Mitt is not more than a participant in the dreamed of take over,and he likes Forced Labor in China,and taking money from the Dept of Edu.

  8. At the rate "Crispy Critter" (Christy) is going, he would do better to try to run as a democrat. With the things he has done, he would never get past the republican primaries.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche