Thursday, November 14, 2013

John McCain Goes Off His Meds

Crazy uncle John is now claiming that people want him to run for President again. Earth to John McCain, Democrats don't count...

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(Town Hall) It was just a few short months ago when McCain was saying he didn't want to be "that guy" who would never shove off and out of the Senate. McCain is 77-years-old and has been in Washington since 1982. Clearly McCain's tune has changed as he gets ready to run again for the Senate in 2016.

Going back to the article, I'm not sure what's more nauseating, McCain saying people are telling him to run for president again or the first line stating, "Since his statesman-like role in the recent partisan fight over government funding..."

Are we now counting McCain giving the Democratic response to Republican Ted Cruz' filibuster as a "statesman-like" role? Is siding with hard liberal partisan Harry Reid "statesman-like"? Apparently so.

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  1. John McCain should retire from the Senate and crawl through one of those tunnels into Mexico because I seriously doubt he's welcome in AZ.

  2. John is as good as any other republican for the job.
    A democrat would be better for the job, though.

  3. John McCain should stay in the Senate that way the people of Arizona can humiliate him by beating his ass!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche