Friday, November 15, 2013

Former Federal Prosecutor: Obama Guilty Of Serial Fraud

And yes, this respected Washington D.C. type actually let the word "impeachment" slip from his lips. Could it be that the Washington elites are finally starting to catch on...?

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  1. Bunny Stew! First maybe we should prove and put to bed wether this Fraud Barry, is even Eligible to be President, since he was never Vetted by either Party or Congress and has yet to produce one shred of evidence that he even qualifies as a Citizen! Also people who live under a shroud of deceipt as complex as this man are quilty of far more than just Fraud, this is a Conspiracy so deep in our system it will take a Steam Shovel of Epic size just to get to the Roots! So unless you're willing to find those who Enabled this man to attain his destructive position and are willing to Prossecute and incarcerate the moles (Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros etc.etc...) what is the point? Or as Hillary said of Benghazi "What possible difference could it make now"! Impeaching this man does nothing to restore what he and the Progressives have stolen for 50yrs, the only answer is Removal from Office on grounds of Ineligibility, then the long process of finding his Conspirators and aggressively Prosecuting each and every one, treating them as the Traitors to our Republic that they are!
    I for one am in favor of signing up for duty on the Firing Squad to execute each and every one of them with extreme prejudice, just as we Veterans have been threatened, for any violation of our Oaths!
    Have a Great Day! SSG James

    1. Well-said fellow U.S. Citizen (SSG James)!

  2. Amen: SSG James! The list of traitor should include the generals , admirals,federal judges and at least one Supreme Court justice.

  3. Obummer should be removed from office , charged with TREASON and dealt with as required.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche