Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Felon Wrote ObamaCare While In Prison?

Blogger Kevin "Coach" Collins is claiming that the man who wrote ObamaCare is a felon and the spouse of a Marxist Member of Congress...

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(Western Journalism) Some of us knew from day one. Others took a while to honestly look at what ObamaCare is; still, others have dug in and decided to fight the truth.

None of what they say now matters; ObamaCare is the cruelest hoax perpetrated upon the American people in our history. It is a document filled with evil trip wires designed to destroy us, beat us down, and put us under socialist rule.

This begs the question: who wrote this bill? The answer is Robert Creamer, a federal felon. He’s the husband of Marxist Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, an evil screeching creature who still demands a “single payer” healthcare delivery system because although it has never worked anywhere, as a Communist, she KNOWS she can make it work with more money and power.

Creamer wrote 628 pages of ObamaCare while he was in prison, having been convicted of 16 counts involving bank fraud (and of course income tax fraud – the Mother’s Milk of Democrats.)

Creamer served 5 months in prison and an additional 11 months under house arrest. Not exactly what would happen to you or me.

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  1. Beck covered this aspect at the beginning while still at FOX.

  2. Just another low life in this administration sticking it to us.

  3. Is he saying that Mitt Romney is a felon? After all, Obamacare is very similar to the Mass. plan!


    1. obama care is nothing like Mass. plan..You need to read both before you spew.

    2. The most juvenile comment I have heard this week! Grow up! When you have nothing worth saying. Be an adult! keep your mouth shut!

  4. so a felon wrote Obama care..for another felon obama


Posted By: Chris Carmouche