Sunday, October 6, 2013

[Video] Raunchy Miley Cyrus Video Mocks Michelle Bachmann-John Boehner Over Obama Shutdown

The video portrays Boehner and Bachmann grinding on a bed and touching themselves. The actor potraying Boehner dances suggestively and comes on to another man. Warning: The Video Contains Graphic And Offensive Sexual Images.

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  1. What a dunce, & to think I used to consider her a cute kid.

  2. She obviously did not learn any moral standards, lets show her some moral indignation- a boycott would be a start.

  3. Video no longer available thanks to NBC Universal pussy execs. It's nice to know that censorship is alive and well despite the First Amendment when it's convenient to do so under the guise of some dumb excuse so as to protect the PC public.

  4. Copyright violation my foot... NBC execs are hiding under their desks because this video is so reprehensible!

  5. Just A Typical Little Rich Big Mouth Bitch


Posted By: Chris Carmouche