Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Video] FEMA Preparing Military Police For Gun Confiscation?

This video from September of 2013 shows an army commander briefing his MPs on their new command structure under the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security for domestic operations with the National Guard.

5 Must Haves When FEMA Fails
According to a study by the National Center For Disaster Preparedness the coming crisis will be far worse than initially predicted... Watch This Video

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  1. This is nothing new! FEMA started this training with National Guard Troops as part of Riot Control in the 80's! Most of us were trained in House to House Search and Seizure Tactics at Fort Campbell KY, which contrary to News reports is no longer controlled by DOD, since about 1976 when Carter formed FEMA and made it the primary training facility! Wake up America! This Muslim Usurper is coming with shock Troops very soon and our Congress can no longer stop him, as they have Aquiesced all their authority to nameless, faceless Bureacrats who are Uneleced and Unaccountable to the American People! Our Constitution has been Dead for years and we are the last to know, and now Obamacare has put the final nail in this Republics Coffin as it has nothing to do with Healthcare, it was the order for Tyranny in the name of SEIU, FEMA, USJD, EPA, IRS, NSA, HHS, DOE etc... Haven't you all wondered how this man can continue to violate the Constitution gathering more and more power under Executive Orders, violate Veterans, shut down whatever causes most damage, continue to fund our Mortal Enemies(Muslim Brotherhood), commit more and more Crimes and not one Representative or Judge stands to stop him? Sorry to burst your bubbles, but this was set up by every Democratic Administration since Johnson and now the chickens have come home to roost! War is here whether Americans are prepared or not, this man is out to complete the North American Union at all cost and he would like it to be Muslim enforced by Sharia! Us Canada and Mexico have fallen without a shot being fired, thanks to the 111th Congress under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid passing 10 Bills noone in Congress Read, but passed with Majority support! Thanks Democrats and RINO Republicans for selling out the Greatest Country in the History of the World, all to keep your phony baloni seats, hope the Brown shirts come for you first!! Have a Blessed Day and keep your powder dry!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche