Tuesday, October 1, 2013

[Video] Congressman Calls Obama A 'Dictator'

Finally, someone in Washington who tells it like it is. Watch this Congressman take the fight to Barack Hussein Obama.

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  1. Democrats controlled both the House and Senate from 2007 to
    2011. During that period President Obama signed into law the
    Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009. His act combined all the
    bills funding the operations of each of the cabinet departments
    except defense, homeland security and veterans affairs. The
    Senate and the President are demanding that the Legislature
    abide by that Appropriations Act of 2009 and return his budget
    as approved back to the Senate without changes. The Peoples
    House are rebelling because the Legislator’s must not only be
    fiscally responsible for determining and controlling the
    spending of each department but are bound by the laws to
    serve the prudent interests of the people of the United States
    with the utmost fiduciary intention.
    The idea that the Affordable Care Act be approved by the
    Supreme Court as constitutional under the Commerce Clause
    was the intention of the Obama administration. In the
    Supreme Court hearing those opposed to the ACA stipulated it
    was nothing more then a tax for not buying the Obama Care
    package. The Supreme Court agreed that it was nothing more
    then penalty for refusing to buy the ACA coverage but
    allowed it as a tax.
    The interest the U.S. may need to pay out each month on
    acquired loans is approximately 17 billion dollars. The U.S.
    Treasury receives revenue in amount of approximately 143
    billion each month. If the obligation to pay the interest is
    rejected, it will rest with the President. Also, many of the bills
    that are included in the budget have been approved exactly as
    they were received but not as part of a package. Chairman
    Reid has refused to let them come to the Senate floor.
    Frank E. Vincent



Posted By: Chris Carmouche