Wednesday, October 2, 2013

UN Attempting To Grant 'Sexual Freedom' To Toddlers

Family Watch International (FWI) is reporting that United Nations "sexual rights activists" and their allies are trying to sexualize toddlers around the world, by inserting outrageous language into measures that are intended to deal with "child health and safety."

According to FWI: "In a resolution supposedly intended to prevent the premature deaths of 'children under five,' the resolution sponsors (Ireland, Botswana, Mongolia, Austria, and Uruguay) tried to get unsuspecting countries to endorse highly controversial “Comments #14 and #15” of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (hereafter the CRC Committee).

"'Comments' are issued by the UN treaty monitoring committees that periodically review implementation of international treaties, and these committees are notorious for trying to expand the clear intent of the treaties in very detrimental ways.

"Comment 15 of this notorious CRC Committee outrageously asserts that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child grants children the right to:

•'confidential counseling and advice without parental or legal guardian consent”
•'sexual and reproductive freedom”
•'safe abortion”
•sexual education, reproductive health services and medical treatment 'without the permission of a parent, caregiver or guardian'
•rights related to “sexual orientation” and 'gender identity'

Comment 14 also states that a child has a right to preserve their identity and that this identity can include their sexual orientation."

While such resolutions are often couched in "feel good" language, the purpose is always the same. The end goal is to erode parental rights and subject children to sexual perversions on a world-wide scale.

FWI is asking concerned citizens to sign a petition in opposition to this egregious UN-sponsored child abuse.

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  1. Toddlers? They do not even know what sex is... Let them grow up a few more years before the perverts get to them..... There does not appear to be any Common Sense in the United Nations, it seems as bad as in the United States of America.......

  2. According to FWI: "In a resolution supposedly intended to prevent the premature deaths of 'children under five." Isn't this the same people that believe whole heartedly in abortion? So why all this? Oh I see, this fits their agenda. Never mind

  3. I missed the part where the UN grants to Muslim men the right to used toddlers of either gender..... but especially girls.... for their practice of "thighing." Did they just forget to put that in there since we all have been told that Muslims are so good and peaceful and stuff...... you know.... exactly like Buddhist's or Hindu's.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche