Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ted Cruz Proclaims Obama Abusing His Power

(FusionNet) Jorge Ramos interviewed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for an October 28 episode of "AMERICA with Jorge Ramos." Here's an excerpt. Jorge Ramos: I was listening to a speech by your father Rafael last July in Salt Lake City and he made a comparison between... Fidel Castro the dictator and President Obama. Do you agree with it?

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Cruz: Well, I will say that it is an incredible blessing to be the child of an immigrant. To be the child of someone like my father who fled oppression and came here with nothing. And one of the real benefits of that is you appreciate how precious and fragile is the freedom we have here.

Ramos: And it is a terrible dictatorship in Cuba. But is it fair to compare it with the United States? I mean is President Barack Obama a dictator from your point of view?

Cruz: Well the point he made- look obviously there are enormous differences between President Obama and Fidel Castro.

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  1. The man doing the inteview was rude and unpolished. Cruz, as always handled himself well, and focused on the issue of the interview. It is refreshing to see Mr. Cruz get his point and political views and objectives out in the open.. As to Harry Reid's comments, he is just a bitter old man who is in the twilight of his long, long career in politics. He should be the poster Old Cronie depiction of the need to impose term limits

  2. IMO Obama is worse than Castro. At least when Castro took power he proclaimed that he was to institute Communism in Cuba. Obama said he would have the most transparent administration in history. This was his big lie. He has set about to dismantle our free institutions, aid Islamists in taking over the Middle East, violated the Constitutution on many occasions and I believe, if he could, he would set up political prisoner confinement areas--those who oppose his anti-American actions. I don't think he is even an American and I believe him to be a Muslim.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche