Saturday, October 5, 2013

Palin Vindicated: ObamaCare Death Panels Being Implemented

Sarah Palin has been vindicated as this state, in an attempt to bring its health care plans in line with ObamaCare mandates, has published treatment guidelines which amount to... you guessed it... death panels.

(Western Journalism) The Oregon Health Authority (OHA)–the state agency that is bringing Oregon health plans into line with ObamaCare mandates–is promoting a guideline which states that “…treatment with intent to prolong survival is not a covered service for patients who have progressive metastatic cancer and are not able (in the view of the physician) to be helped. Palliative care is all that will be provided."

Does anyone recall Barack’s classic moment in 2009 when he told a daughter whose 104 year old mother was still enjoying life 5 years after getting a pacemaker that maybe Mama should have just taken a pain pill? Obama stated quite succinctly that it is just not worth spending money on the elderly.

So it has all come to pass, just as Palin and others said it would. And incredibly, the Oregon Health Authority’s "let 'em die" guideline is in DIRECT CONFLICT with the written rules of the Affordable Care Act, “…which ensures health benefits may not be denied on the basis of expected length or quality of life."

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  1. Death panels are the only thing that makes the act "affordable". Yet AARP continues it's support for Obummer.

    1. I stopped supporting AARP when I found out they supported Obama,

    2. The death panel crap is a creation of the anti ACA nit wits.
      The only death panels are the INSURANCE companies. They deny coverage, they limit coverage.
      The ACA has restrictions on the limitation and denial of coverage.

  2. I left AARP for AMAC. What about you have you switched yet, and why not?

    1. I'm leaving AARP today..... Thank You

    2. yes I did join AMAC

    3. AARP is not the greatest, but it is superior to the AMAC

  3. caribou barbie is a self serving nit wit.
    Pack her up and send her back to her igloo.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche