Monday, October 28, 2013

Obama's Right-Hand Valerie Jarrett Tied To Firm Hired To Build Failed ObamaCare Website?

The initial reports on the Internet may have been somewhat premature and erroneous, but a further look reveals details that may be more interesting than the initial accusation...

(Canada Free Press) For the record: Valerie’ Jarrett’s daughter Laura’s father-in-law Canadian Liberal politician Bas Balkissoon is not (thank God!) Canada’s Prime Minister. Nor, as some news outlets are indicating, is he a MP. (Member of Parliament). Balkissoon—one of many Canadian Liberals with deep ties to the Obama administration—is a minor player MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament ) at Ontario’s Queen’s Park, irreverently known to the plebes as the ‘Pink Palace’.

"The Balkissoon-Jarrett marriage is one of several links between Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberals and Obama. From 2000 until 2002, David Axelrod, another key adviser to the president, was a paid McGuinty strategist. (Toronto Star, June 20, 2012).

"As well, Toronto Liberal Jean-Michel Picher, who helped the premier in the run-up to last year’s provincial election, was an early Obama insider who worked on the then-Illinois senator’s historic presidential primary campaign in 2007 and 2008."

And that’s just the Obama links in the Liberal Ontario government.

Obama’s former financial advisor Larry Summers was involved in the 2011 failed federal prime minister campaign of Liberal Michael Ignatieff.

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  1. According to the website, Michelle Obama's family friend and fellow Princeton alumna Toni Townes-Whitley is Vice-President of Consulting Services at CGI, the prime IT contractor for the ‘Obamacare’ site. Townes-Whitley has responsibility for CGI’s IT services, hosting and consulting businesses with Federal civilian clients. She has served as President of Women in Technology (WIT), the Council for Excellence in Government and the Minority Enterprise Executive Council.

  2. According to an article today in Canada Free Press, Valerie Jarrett’s son-in-law works for the Canadian company that got the Obamacare
    website’s large no-bid contract. The father of her son-in-law is Liberal politician Bas Balkissoon, who reportedly has substantial ties to the Obama administration.

  3. She is as big a FRAUD as Barrack and Michelle !!!!!!!

  4. Need to get rid of Jarrett. She is one very evil person. Everyone seems to be asleep about her.


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