Thursday, October 17, 2013

ObamaCare Website Built By Obama Campaign Donor

We're certain the Obama Regime will tell us that's there was no quid-pro-quo but these shocking new details just add fuel to the fire of the disaster that is known as ObamaCare...

(Daily Caller) President Barack Obama received financial support for his re-election campaign from a senior executive of the firm that built Obamacare’s dysfunctional website.

George Schindler — President, U.S. and Canada, of CGI Group, the Canadian parent company of U.S. subsidiary, CGI Federal — donated $1,000 to Obama’s reelection campaign in Aug. 2012, according to

By that time, CGI Federal had already been awarded the contract to build the exchange for nearly a year, according to a congressional testimony given by CGI Federal senior vice president Cheryl Campbell.

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